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  INDOOR SEASON IS OVER posted Apr. 10th, 2015 

   The indoor season is over. Allen is hoping to get the outdoor track ready as soon as possible so keep an eye out for an announcement on when the first outdoor race will be.


   RULE CLARIFICATIONS: For classes that mandate speed controls (ESC's) from the Roar Approved Non-Timing list (used to be called the Sportsman list), such as the 21.5 Late Model Class, require all ESC's to be run without additional timing, boost, or turbo which will be indicated by a blinking light sequence when the car is in neutral. (check the Roar list HERE to verify the type of blinking light sequence your ESC should have)

   All ESC's in a Spec/Non-Timing class must indiciate it is Spec/Blinky mode via the blinking light sequence as described on the Roar list. During any pre-race inspection, any car found not in Spec/Blinky mode will not be allowed to run that particular race. Any car found in post-race tech to not be in Spec/Blinky mode will be disqualified from that particular race. There will not be any exceptions. Regardless of what your software screen says, if your ESC is not showing itself to be in Spec/Blinky mode by the blinking light sequence then it will not be considered legal. Additional timing added in any way by the ESC is not legal.

   Drivers Using Tekin ESC's: All Tekin ESC's must be in "Lockout Mode" which will blink the 3,4, & 5 lights in neutral to indicate it is in lockout mode. This will prevent the ability to flip the ESC out of Spec mode without plugging into the computer first.

   21.5 Late Model Battery Placement: It was also apparent after last week's race that some racers have forgotten about the battery placement rule in the 21.5 Late Model class. There are minimum and maximum measurements in relation to the tires for the battery to prevent it from being moved too far to the left. This rule was put into place when this class was originally started to allow everyone to just use the cars being run outdoors and prevent the need to go out and buy a different type of car to be competitive. The narrow, foam tire cars are ok to run, but still must adhere to the battery placement rule.




Group image at the track

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